I eat at least 3 servings of fruit or vegetables a day

I eat whole-grain bread, cereal, and pasta rather than refined types

I try to choose food that is low in calories and fat

I don't often eat red or processed meats such as bacon or hot dogs

I don't eat many high-calorie food products such as cakes, cookies, etc.

I don't normally add butter, margarine, cream sauces, or mayonnaise to food

I don't often eat fried food (less than twice a week)

I try to maintain a healthy weight

Each week I engage in at least 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity or 1.5 hours of vigorous exercise

I normally take the stairs rather than the elevator

I try to use most of my free time being physically active rather than watching TV or using the computer

I never or almost never drink alcohol


  • "Yes" to 9-12
    Congratulations! You have a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up and continue looking for ways of improving your health.
  • "Yes" to 5-8
    Not bad! You are halfway there.
    But you still have a ways to go. Look back at the questions you answered "no" to. These will help you decide which aspects of your diet you need to improve or if you need to increase your level of exercise.
  • "Yes" to 0-4
    Your diet is probably very high in calories and fat and very low in vegetables, fruit, and grains. You should take a close look at your habits. You may want to examine your eating habits and find ways to make some changes.