Radiotherapy can be used to cure or control cancer in the pelvic area. This type of treatment is called pelvic radiotherapy and is used to treat a number of different types of cancer.

Pelvic radiotherapy can be given externally or internally. Some people may receive a combination of both.

Pelvic radiotherapy is used to treat bladder, rectal, and anal cancer. In men it is also used to treat prostate cancer. In women it is used to treat cervical, uterine, vaginal, and vulval cancer.

The side effects of pelvic radiotherapy depend on different factors, including the type of cancer, the dose of radiotherapy given, and whether it is external beam or internal radiotherapy.

If you have other types of treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy, this can also affect the side effects you might have.

If you have any side effects, contact your cancer specialist, specialist nurse, or radiographer. They can give you advice and treatment to help you cope.