Your cancer doctor or nurse may advise you to wait a few weeks after finishing your treatment before having sex; this is to allow the side effects to settle.

Some people do not feel like having sex for a while after treatment and may need time to adapt. Wait until it is safe and you and your partner are ready to have sex after this type of treatment.

Men who have had treatment with radioactive seeds in the prostate gland should wear condoms during the first weeks after treatment in order to protect their partners. Pelvic radiotherapy may also cause changes to ejaculation in men.

Women can experience dryness in the vagina, making sex uncomfortable. This may be relieved with creams or lubricants.

Both women and men who have had pelvic radiotherapy should use effective methods of contraception. This is because the radiation could do harm to a baby.

If you are having sexual difficulties that don't improve, talk to your cancer doctor or specialist nurse.