After having a hysterectomy, you may feel tired for a number of weeks. Try to get lots of rest and remember that your body will take some time to heal. Do not perform any demanding physical activity or lift heavy objects for at least three months. However, it is important to get a little bit of light exercise, like taking short walks and gradually making them longer.

Your doctor may talk to you about when to drive again and how soon you can go back to work. This will depend on your situation and how your recovery is going.

Many women worry about how a hysterectomy will affect their sex life. Most women are advised to wait at least six weeks before having sexual intercourse again. This is to give the wound time to heal. After this, it is safe and healthy to return to your normal sex life.

Removing the ovaries will bring on early menopause if you were still having your periods at the time of your operation. This can be difficult for many women, but there is lots of help available.