It is common to have bruising on your breast after breast reconstruction surgery. Some women have a build-up of blood in the tissue, which causes swelling and pain. This is called a hematoma. Bruising normally goes away after about three weeks.

It is common for fluid to build up in the wound after surgery. This is called a seroma. It may need to be drained with a needle and syringe.

Once you are home, check your wound regularly for signs of infection. Get in touch with your doctor immediately if you feel unwell, have a fever or chills, or notice discharge or increased redness.

The pain generally gets better in the weeks following surgery. Sometimes, however, the pain may continue. There are treatments that can help.

Most scars disappear little by little over time. However, some grow excessively and are wider than normal. These are called keloid scars. If you are concerned about any problem you experience after surgery, talk to your nurse, doctor, or surgeon.