Any side effects you have will depend on the conditioning treatment you received. If you had reduced-intensity conditioning, the side effects may be less severe. Your hospital team will tell you what to expect and how you can manage the side effects.

The possible side effects include increased risk of infection, anemia, and bleeding due to low blood counts. You may also have:

  • nausea
  • reduced appetite
  • a sore mouth.

A dietitian and your nurse will help you manage these symptoms. You may notice bowel or bladder changes as well as other common side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss and fatigue. Less common problems include graft failure or veno-occlusive disease.

You will have regular tests to check your general health and to monitor for side effects. Most side effects are worse when your blood count is at its lowest. As this improves, your side effects will, too.

Long-term or late side effects may include bone thinning, cataracts, or changes to the heart or lungs. Always let your doctor know about any problems you may experience.