Once your treatment has ended, you can focus on your recovery. Having cancer may bring about a life change, so returning to normality may take some time. To begin, it is not unusual to have days when you feel less positive or still are facing the side effects of the treatment. So try not to expect too much at the start.

You may be able to get back little by little to the routine you had before the treatment. Some people may have physical effects after cancer treatment. If this happens to you, you may need some time to adapt to your new routine.

You might decide to make some positive changes to your lifestyle after completing your treatment. This may mean eating healthy, exercising more, giving up smoking if you smoke, or starting a complementary therapy aimed at reducing your stress.

At the start, most people have regular follow-up appointments to check on their progress and to talk about any worries they might be having. If you have any problems between appointments, you can get in touch for advice and support.