Abnormal temperature

Temperature above 38 °C or below 36 °C

Normal temperature with no symptoms

High or low temperature

General malaise

Do you feel unwell in general?

For example, flu symptoms, chills, shakes

You feel well

General malaise

Chest pain

Any type of chest pain may be treated as an emergency

No chest pain

Chest pain

Seek urgent medical advice


Do you have an irritated throat, coughing, shortness of breath, pain or burning sensation when urinating, diarrhea, rash, or bruising or bleeding with no apparent purpose? Do you feel general malaise? Have you had chills or shivering?

You feel well but are worried about a possible infection

General malaise with some sign of infection

Numbness/tingling, weakness in the limbs

How long has this been going on? Has it been continuous? Is your condition worsening? Is it affecting your activities? Are you constipated or experiencing urinary incontinence?

Slight numbness, occasional tingling. No loss of function or weakness

Slight or moderate numbness, tingling that is frequent or occurring over long periods of times. Slight weakness without loss of function

Severe numbness or weakness that interferes with normal function or movement

Activity levels / tiredness

Have you recently experienced any changes in your activity or energy level?

Showing signs of treatment but without need to remain in bed during the day

Spending more time in bed during the day, but less than 50%

Bed-ridden or severe loss of ability to carry out certain activities

Bleeding or bruising

You should be concerned if yours is a newly developed condition or one that is worsening.

Is the bleeding controlled easily?

Do you have any wounds?

Slight or nonexistent bleeding or bruising after developing a wound

Bleeding controlled easily/little blood. Bruising, small reddish or violet-colored area

Uncontrolled bleeding (dial 112 for emergency care).

Reddish or violet-colored rash or bruise that is expanding


You must measure all increases in your normal bowel habits. Are you experiencing abdominal pain?

One additional episode in the last 24 hours

Between 2 and 6 additional episodes in the last 24 hours

An increase of 7 or more episodes per day, or bowel incontinence with or without abdominal pain

Nausea or vomiting

Have you taken any antiemetic medication? Are you producing a normal volume of urine?

Capable of eating and drinking normally, 1 episode of nausea over 24 hours. Urinating at a normal volume.

Can eat and drink, but much less than normal. 2-5 episodes of nausea in 24 hours. Urinating at below-normal volumes

Incapable of eating or drinking, 6-10 episodes of nausea in 24 hours. Urinating at volumes much below normal

Mouth pain

Do you have mouth ulcers or herpes of the lips? Do you experience frequent mouth pain? Are there signs of infection?

Painless ulcers, slight reddening that does not hinder eating and drinking

Painful reddening, swelling, or ulcers, though still able to eat and drink

Reddening or painful swelling, difficulty eating and drinking

Dyspnea (shortness of breath)

If this is a pre-existing condition, we would like to know if it is worsening

No new symptoms

Dyspnea on exertion (for example, when climbing stairs)

Dyspnea at normal activity levels (walking or at rest)


Is the problem new? Where is the pain? How long have you been feeling the pain? Have you taken any pain killers?

Slight pain not interfering with normal activity

Moderate pain. Pain or pain killers that interfere with normal activity but not in activities of daily living

Severe pain. Pain or pain killers that interfere with daily living

Skin eruptions (rashes)

Has the rash spread, or is it limited to one area? Since when? Are there signs of infection?

No eruptions

New or worsening eruption with or without itchiness or pain

Severe discomfort/pain/itchiness affecting your lifestyle


Think of your normal habits. If no bowel movements in 48 hours, please call for a consultation

No bowel movements in 24 hours.

No bowel movements in 48 hours.

No bowel movements in 72 hours.

Loss of appetite

Contributing factors (diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, pain in the mouth or throat)

Loss of appetite with normal food intake

Loss of appetite and reduced food intake

Loss of appetite with minimal or zero food intake

Pain in the feet and hands

Is your skin peeling? Do you have ulcers or blisters?

Numbness, tingling, slight reddening, without pain

Pain in the hands or feet with or without reddening, numbness, swelling, or tingling

Desquamation (skin peeling), ulceration,

blistering with or without severe pain